Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The stories of a venue.

This place I had wanted to visit for quite some time, would soon be in front of me, as me and my dad had set plans to get a couple of passes from the local tackle shop, and persevere to the lake once I had finished work. It’s strange how these things happen, but this is a place, my dad as a youngster would always go, to catch fish with his mate. Of course since then, it has changed, but only slightly, leaving also my dad very optimistic as of how much it had really changed. Going then, with my dad would surely mean a bit of know how in this place? Weather it had been so long since he had been or not, and this rendered me very excited to go, but little did I know, it would be far better than I had expected.

Soon though, I would find out for myself, as when at work, as you can imagine, I couldn't wait to finish, and pop up to my local tackle shop for some baits and the tickets(not that I knew what baits to buy of course), but not knowing what to get, I asked for a pint of red maggots, and picked up a tin of sweet corn and a small helping of hemp to accompany my corn and maggots, this being my usual bait options, when going to a new venue. Once my bait was sorted though, I ventured home, exited for just sorting my gear, getting in the car and setting of to this fantastic location.

Once there, it was a short walk from the car park to the lake itself, all the while me and my dad where walking, we talked of how my dad used to fish here, and how he was ever so enthusiastic to see how much this place really had changed, and to see what he, himself would make of this place after so long away from it. I was always so amazed to hear the stories my father had told me, which had made me even more eager to just get there, and start fishing. This of course was almost upon us, just a little more walking, and through the trees we went, following the muddy torn up grass, that had made somewhat an easy to follow path, that had clearly been made from the many anglers that also fish here. Eventually we had gotten there, so we had a quick look around, and chose our pegs we would be fishing from.

I chose one of the first pegs I had come to, when walking around to the far side of the pond, this being peg no.18, so I took out my rod, reel, landing net and tackle box, and set up my rig to be on my way fishing. First I started with a simple waggler approach, which I would normally do when coming to a venue for the first time. So I set up my 13ft match rod and a reel with 4lb line straight through, and had a look through my tackle box, for what I thought would be the best float to go with, so I chose a 3.5BB quill waggler, and attached it to the line, tied on a size 18 Kamasan animal barbless hook, plumed the depth, added dropper shot and started fishing about 8 – 10 meters out in front of me. First I started by having a single red maggot on my hook, and firing 3 – 4 maggots in every thirty seconds to get the fish feeding. 

This sadly only brought small roach, and perch to my swim, so I decided to plum up about 20 meters across in front of me after this, to slightly deeper water, and tied on a larger hook, this being a size 14 of the same make of hook, and this time I would hopefully proceed in finding the larger fish in the lake, by using a single grain of corn on my hook, and firing 2 – 3 grains in every so often. Me being not very optimistic, didn't expect a bite, but suddenly, a knock, and my heart started racing, and so the float sailed away, I struck, and had the first real fish of the day, it was a clonking slab (Bream) of 3lb exactly, my biggest yet, as you can imagine I was chuffed with this fish. So after having that beautiful bream I continued on my search for larger fish, being far more optimistic than I was before.

A little while had passed, no more fish, couple of missed bites and as per usual the bites got a little slower as the time went, but none the less, I kept feeding, hoping for another bite, and at last, the float went under again, and I struck, this time, it felt nothing like the bream I had caught not so long ago, and perhaps nothing I had ever hooked before, and soon I would see why. As I played this elusive fish, a total of three times it had powered away, but eventually I got it closer in, and up came its head, I had noticed it was a fantastic looking mirror carp, certainly my personal best if I was to land it. So I kept playing it until eventually it had given up, and slid my net underneath it, to retrieve it from its watery home. I then put it on the unhooking mat, and removed the barbless hook nice and easily, and couldn't wait to pop it on the scales to see what it weighed. Once I had done so, the fish weighed a not massive, but good for me 4lb 8oz, I couldn't believe I had eventually done it, after all this time.

Once a couple of photos where taken, I slipped the beauty back, and of she swam, I was chuffed, and so, I went back to my peg and kept feeding until dark, picking up another three bream of smaller proportions than my first fish, but none the less very welcome. Just as It was nearly time to pack up, I decided to have one more cast to somewhat perhaps persuade another fish to take, and as the float went under, I struck and I could tell it was another lump of a fish that had grabbed a hold, but I knew, this being the fish it was I probably wasn't going to get it in, with my 4lb line and on a match rod, it powered away when I had it so close to the bank and *snap* my line had gone, and so had the fish, this leaving my rather upset, but with my line snapping, I decided to pack up, due to the sun setting, and we headed back to the car, and drove off home. None the less I was still a very happy angler, as I had at least broken two personal bests in one day, and it was a beautiful place just to be. As soon as i can, i will be back to this venue, and perhaps next time i may be somewhat more expectant of the larger fish, that swim in the watery depths of this lake.


  1. An excellent and entertaining account of your fishing trip Matthew, great to see you start blogging mate.

    1. Thanks a lot Mark, means a lot! :) I have always wanted to write blogs, but never really thought of doing so until you edged me on to do so... Thanks Mark! :) More to come no doubt!

  2. How come you never told me about this? only just found it, a great day out together as father and son, a distant memory for me I guess, but a day filled with excitement, expectation, happiness, and sorrow for you, a lot to take in for a relatively new angler, but I am glad you enjoyed our day together, on the bankside, catching fish........one of the best feelings in the world is to catch a fish, but to be surprised by what is in your net, and to break a PB or to be your first of a species, it's the best feeling ever, now you know how I felt all those years ago!, let me tell you, that feeling never goes away, and I hope one day, you will teach the things I have taught you, and tell of your experiences to the kids you have......and make me a proud grandad!....respect!